NILS - No Interest Loan Scheme


FOCUS Connect provides No Interest Loans (NILs) that enables people and families with access to fair, safe and affordable credit to purchase essential goods and services to the maximum value of $2000.  

Loans are free from fees, charges, and interest.  Pay back only what you borrow.  

NILs is a smart choice financial option to help you pay for essentials and get what you need right now.   

Contact us today to check your eligibility and start your No Interest Loan application.  

Am I eligible?  

You are eligible for a No Interest Loan if you:  

What can I use a loan for?   

Household Essentials
Such as furniture, kitchen appliances and washing machines.

Heath & Wellbeing
Such as dental, medical and veterinary bills.

Education & Employment Essentials
Such as laptops, new uniforms or power tools.

Such as home repairs, removalist fees and bond payments.

Vehicle & Transport
Such as driving lessons, vehicle registration fees or car repairs.

Loans are paid directly to the supplier and cannot be used to repay debt(s) or for ongoing general living expenses like food.

How long do I have to repay my loan? 

The maximum loan repayment term is 24 months.

Eligibility criteria applies and all applications and loan amounts are assessed on an individual basis.

How can I get a No Interest Loan? 

To book an appointment and start your NILs application, contact:

Phone: (02) 4627 1188


For any other information: Download NILs Flyer